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tv   [untitled]    February 8, 2013 8:30pm-9:00pm PST

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the unit by about 40,000 dollars, combined with other advantages such as reduced weight will offset the lifetime lease. board president chu also stated that while the nexus study with support at 20,000 dollars fee for a 300,000 unit more expensive units could support a larger fee further with the reductions the legislation would allow the 20,000 dollars fee to be reduced by up to 80 percent. supervisor chu said he opposed and requested a continuance so that negotiations could proceed.
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those negotiations will include members of the board of supervisors and from tenant rights organizations. it was continue to february 25th. this week at the land-use committee hearing they had the car sharing parking ordinance sponsored by supervisor wiener. he wanted to allow south side spaces such as parking lots that had been in place for at least a year, they wanted the same number of spaces. he wanted to cap the maximum for residential and commercial buildings, and requiring signage for the
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spaces. he wanted to ensure that these spaces will be allowed for projects not seeking a cu. wanted to provide the planning department with more enforcement excitation power. -- -- our department has been asked to develop the signage requirement for the car share spaces. there were three speakers in opposition and one speaker in support. board president chu expressed concern over enforcement but stated enthusiasm for the potential development
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of new enforcement measures. it was recommended for approval by the full board. we have a host of new ordinances and hearing requests. first for the commission and the historic reservation commission supervisor wiener has introudced a version of the ordinance this week, seeking sequa (sounds like) approval. perhaps holding a new hearing late february. and at the hpc march 20. supervisor avalos introduced a new ordinance to establish a new-named ncd between-- to the county border.
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adds new alcohol control to the ncd. scheduled for hearing within 90 days. the ordinance is been reported to the hpc and the requested an informational hearing but not hearing to take action. there was an extension request for the polk st. alcohol and tobacco paraphernalia restrictions. as you probably read in the paper, the mayor, board president chu, supervisors yee, farrel, mar introduced an
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amendment for mandatory inspection program of woodframe buildings. it applies to buildings with three or more stories and five or more dwellings built generally prior to 1978 where the building has not yet been seismically strengthened. also establishes a fee for the mr. in this program. this item since it is not planning to amendment it will not be scheduled for the planning commission unless you request it to be. supervisor wiener requested -- involve strategies of the planning department, -- to reduce clutter on sidewalks. the mayors appointment was introduced this week, seat 1. that concludes my report.
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>> commissioner antonini: i had a couple of questions. i don't need the answers today. just follow up, there was a point raised by supervisor kim as to how many conversions there have been over the years we take into account the two-unit conversions. >>: actually -- the question-- supervisor wiener told me that dpw report indicates 195 a year for the bypass units, not new construction. >>: that is in keeping with the hundred year we have been hearing about.
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the other question that i have, for a later time, i would like to find out or have input from the supervisors as to how the rest of the nation is. also many of the large cities in san francisco with a ratio of between renters and homeowners. i do know that there has been a significant change over the past few years. it has been fairly consistent. >> president fong: commissioner sugaya. >> commissioner sugaya: could you repeat the statistic you gave commissioner antonini. >>: the average was 195 a year. since 2008. the number that supervisor kim was talking about at the hearing she reported as being in the last 10 years, this number comes from dwp from
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2008. >>: that includes not only the lottery conversions but all the ones she was mentioning? >>: let me check again i believe so. two unit bypass, not new construction. >> president fong: any further questions? thank you. >>: thank you. >>: good afternoon commissioners, tim fry, department staff to present to you a summary of yesterday stored reservation commission hearing. the commission began with president kroger appointing the members to the architecture review committee which is a subcommittee of the hpc focused on design review for landmark properties. president dan kroger appointed
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himself as well as the commissioners -- to that committee. also proposed was the 2014 work program which will be before your next weeks hearing on february fourteenth. the hpc voted in support of the work program with several modifications. one was to increase staff allowed for community initiated surveys and nine mark designations above the .05 fte. also than the five funding sources. lastly to identify additional funding sources for the development of san francisco context pace historic design guidelines. finance division is looking into these recommendations and will present to you next week. the hpc also provided
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recommendations for the fulfillment of mitigations outlined in the laguna project eir. this documentation includes a narrative description of the site, photos of the existing buildings and their existing conditions as well as measure drawings. other mitigation also includes mural investigation and testing of several historic murals located in the property. the hpc endorsed all of his work to date in fulfillment of the mitigation with a few minor modifications. the hpc's recommendation will be forwarded to the department environmental review officer for final authorization. also recommended approval of an amendment involving the dogpatch district. it will change from p public
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zoning to -- both the planning commission and the hpc recommendations will be forwarded to the board of supervisors. the commission also requested a special hearing on 900 ennis, landmark 250, located in the bayview. this week the department of building inspection scheduled its own hearing regarding a series of outstanding violations in the property, particularly in violation of the abandoned building ordinance. that hearing was continued to march 7th. in the meantime the preservation commission invited the property owner, members of the community and discussed with the department staff on ways to remedy these outstanding violations and find new sources of funding
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to put a new roof on the building and secure the structure from continued vandalism and repair. by the end they commissioner volunteered to work with -- and look for other funding sources. the hpc will do have regular updates on this property to ensure that everyone keeps focus on the repair effort and we'll keep you all updated as well. the commission endorsed the department-certified local government and report that follows the preservation activities of the department and the hpc from september, 2011, through october, 2012. also outlines the goals for the upcoming year. a copy of the final report will be sent to the planning commission and will be finalized at the end of this week. finally mayor lee sign the
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landmark designation ordinance for both twin peaks tavern and san jordan's bar. the ceremony included the owners, property owners, supervisors coehn and wiener, members of the department staff and the historic commission. >>: wasn't 900 ennis part of a larger project that sometime? >>: it was. >>: i had a communication with either -- or randy shaw. did that project never materialized? >>: the project in the materialized. the parcels were under a separate zoning effort, in limbo for a while. -- occupies a small portion of a larger site.
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>>: if i might add to that, that part of the basin was the subject of its own development discussions at one point he never moved forward. with the dissolution of the agency we no longer are pursuing that. >>: thank you. >>: the board of appeals did not meet last night. >> president fong: we can move onto general public comment at this time. members of the public addres the commission on any matter. each member of the public may address commission for up to three minutes; seeing 1731 powell has been continued and no longer on the agenda
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the publics opportunity to address that item is in this section of the agenda. >>: linda chatman, conditions on nob hill generall. about a year ago one of the elected officials was meeting with people from nob hill. he was stunned. he concluded the meeting by saying how can the neighborhood be so abandoned by city hall? last week i was lucky to go to a presentation about my first agency head i worked for. sargent shriver's son.
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-- -- they did something that was a remarkable. they took federal money and they pay people like us to empower people and neighborhoods that were neglected, like jackon's neighborhood that she and her neighbors were talking about. the most is empower people in those neighborhoods like the people in the welfare rights group that i've never had any influence at all the two neighbors with 14 children and
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16 children respectively, talking to the welfare department, having hearings, the hearing officer stopped the -- and what's happened. i think about this a lot. there are always these groups negotiating against their neighbors or without their neighbors' knowledge. this could that happen were not for the fact that people who don't intend ill probably, allow this kind of interaction to occur. the neighbors are completely disempowered by this kind of process which i think we will have to talk about more. it is not like one particular group.
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it is like several. the worst of all i saw was when larry badner was associating with the neighbors, hour s and hours, nobody had any idea of what they were doing. >>: howard -- given the continuation of the item i trust you will have the chance to review the letter from libbpy gaphne wagner, attorneys, (sounds like). the pagoda does require a supplemental eir, an eir for a base project that included a
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final chinatown section at stockton and washington streets, in the extraction of tunnel boring machines, tbms. the eir usually included clear definitions, procedural methodology by which those tbms would be extracted at that site. the northern tunnel variant was an option never discussed with north beach neighbors and merchants. i really feel for the merchants who not even knowing about that extension northward were suddenly discovered in the middle of last year, that the community might be dug up and disrupted for several years. large projects do put
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businesses out of business. the tunnel and the extraction of the pagoda as reported out in our letter in reality as we have learned from your information revealed by fmta, is that we have always noted is actually a political decision to extend the simple supper northward, to north beach, in order to capture waning support back in 2008. the tunnel and the extraction at the pagoda if it were not to go forward, would be the best solution in terms of impact on the neighborhood and the merchants. and in fact, that is exactly what many, many other cities in the world do consider, the impact on their communities and neighborhoods.
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for instance, brisbane australia did not want to disrupt their communities. they lowered their tbm below the airport extension tunnel and buried it. the chunnel in europe, one machine on the british side was sidetracked in a gap between the service tunnel and the main tunnel. the second machine coming from france was -- the tunnel is not necessary. the pagoda project is not necessary. thank you. >>: hello planning commission. haven't been here for quite some time. my name is joan wood, i lived in north beach for 48 years continuously.
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what mr. wong said is absolutely true. almost nobody in north beach except a small group the list at the top of telegraph hill they are the only ones that have input into the planning for the central subway to take his turn down columbus avenue. recently the north beach businesses found out about the plan to extract these enormous machines and erupted in a fury. i am grateful for chiu because she arranged for four or five meetings. almost everybody else at meeting four voted to extract the machines at chinatown.
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it presented five options for the extraction of the machines. it was stunning that north beach belatedly was given the opportunity to have a say in this proposed disruption of our neighborhood. we found out about it. the vote at the meeting where i was at, not acknowledged by director riskin or david chu or john -- more than half of the meeting voted for the chinatown extraction. then somehow the pagoda palace was cited as the preferred site. suddenly, it's like joel campos, the original developer of the site
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he was given permission for condos and restaurants and commercial space two or three years ago but we were told that he ran out of money. suddenly he was offered a two year lease, and for god sake a suppolmental eir renewing all its permits which have expired. 27 parking spaces for 19 condos, that would not be allowed now. all the push is for the pagoda theater. i insist all people want to stop at chinatown.
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(off mic) >>: my name is mark bruno, (sounds like), head of a group called save north beah. and the proposal to extract the tunnel boring machines at the corner of columbus. i will list the businesses that are included in save north beach. you will have trouble finding a restaurant innovates it is not a member of our group. the subway and the city have suggested that
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by ameliorating the situation we can survive. in fact we were told by concierges who come to the meetings and people who had the san francisco cab association is that the word on the street will get out there not to head to north beach. avoid that because it is a mess. extraction means noise and dirt; disruption of businesses in north beach. it behooves this commission to include at least the possibility of
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leaving the tunnel boring machines under the ground by the pagoda palace. doesn't cost the city anything to consider the possibility of under the pagoda palace leaving the very equipment that really is not necessary to take out of the ground. you yourselves proved in 2008 the eir, it says that one of the possibilities approved and considered the city is to live the equipment in the ground. i was asked by the chinese community that you to testify in favor of the central subway, something that many people in the neighborhood were against. i'm still in favor of the central subway. it was promised at that time that the equipment will be left in the ground. this promise to leave it in the ground was rated rated
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by mayor willie brown. >>: good afternoon planning committee. i am michael barrett (sounds like) i am against the project of taking the pagoda location to extricate the machinery. this is been covered in eirs until recently. i want to refer to mr. ed riskin's report (sounds like) from the mta. we continue to make progress with the pagoda palace plan. the effort to change the retrieval site has involved a significant
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amount of work and a very tight timeline. a little too late to do what they're doing. with a strong supportive supervisor chu, the mayor's office we have worked closely with several city agencies including the planning department, the department of building inspection, to make the pagoda palace option reality. they forgot to consult with the citizens of north beach that will be disrupted by this extrication that has not come up until recently. i resent the planning committee even addressing this. i represent the citizens of san francisco and especially of north beach. thank you for your time.


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